At Moorings Hotel we strive to make your stay as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. The following activities and services are available for our guests during their stay.

Reception & Tour Desk – Moorings Hotel's reception desk also acts as a full service tour desk. We offer free advise on what to do in Vanuatu and when to do it, as well as arrange bookings on your behalf with the country's hottest tourism attractions.

Infinity Swimming Pool – Enjoy a cool plunge or do a few laps in our 1.2m private infinity edged pool. The colour was chosen to give the appearance of the water merging into the aqua tinted tropical bay in front of the property.

Beachside Dining Deck – Watch the last rays of sun slip into the horizon with a cocktail in hand on the beachside dining deck. Overhanging the spectacular Fatamaru Bay looking back across Port Vila Harbour, this part of the property picks up cooling breezes over the water and is a great place for a meal or a tropical cocktail or two….or three….or…

Free Internet Service – Moorings Hotel has FREE (low bandwith) service available at the bar & restaurant. This is ideal for checking emails and posting a few quick comments on Facebook to render your friends jealous!

High Speed Internet – Is available for a fee in the rooms and around the property, via a local service. This service will allow you to use VOIP services and other more bandwidth intensive activities. As a bonus, this paid service, once activated, can be used around town by connecting with our partners Vanuatu Wireless. We highly recommend guests deactivate their device's automated updates and downloads, as Moorings Hotel will not be held responsible for rapidly depleted data as a result.

Restaurant & Bar – Serves fresh and tasty A La Carte menu 7 days a week, breakfast lunch and dinner. Moorings Hotel prides itself in offering the best value for money dining in Vanuatu. Visit this page for up to date information on our menus and specials!

Airport Transfer Service – Is arranged with Atmosphere Tours. The cost for this service is 1500VT per person, per trip. Please email us directly to book your airport meet & greet service, as we will need to send you documented instructions in return. It is imperative that our guests seek this service attentively when arriving, as Moorings Hotel will not be held responsible for transfers missed and which will be charged.