2017 Major Renovations

***RENOVATION UPDATE*** 3rd August 2017

Dear valued guests and visitors,

We take this opportunity to inform you that our renovations have all but finished with the exception of the decking, which the contractors have yet to complete.
We have been yet again inconvenienced with further delays and expect the laying of the brand new waterfront wood deck to be complete within the next month.

Worry not however as this is proving not to be an inconvenience to our staying guests. Noise is minimal.
We have taken the liberty of removing the fencing for the benefit of the view, our artificial beach is once again available, the new direct water access is now open for use (swimming or launching of watersports), and 6 out of 8 Harbourside King Rooms will shortly be available as we have prioritised the decking of the ground floor units and finalise the new balconies of the 1st floor units.

Our rates have returned to our standard discounted rates made available across all sources including online, via your friendly travel agent, or directly via the hotel.

Any guests wishing to consider alternative accommodation, we will be happy to accommodate on a case by case basis, as we expect these to be few in light of the now added benefits of saying at Moorings Hotel.

And yes, the swimming pool is open. Has been for over 2 months now.

We look forward to seeing you there, and sharing with you a new waterfront renovations!

Kind regards,

Yorick Nicholls
General Manager